About Me

Julian Atim standing in front of the Business Innovation Hub at UMass, Amherst (Photo credit: Erik Vinh)

Dr. Julian Atim is the Program Lead, Primary Healthcare at GH Labs where she manages a health technology product development portfolio focused on strengthening PHC outcomes in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Dr. Atim’s nearly 20 years of experience spans clinical care in rural hospitals, health care quality improvement, and health product innovation and introduction. She has worked across sectors in partnership with government, academia, nonprofit, and corporate stakeholders to strengthen health service delivery in Uganda, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Nigeria. Additional past work includes providing technical support Ministries of Health to scale best practices in malaria diagnostics and injectable artesunate for managing severe malaria.

 Dr. Atim earned her medical degree from Makerere University and MPH from Harvard University. She also holds an MBA from UMass Amherst, where she served as a Business Innovation Fellow advising on translation health technology innovation for the state funded Life Sciences Laboratory.


  1. You have accomplished a lot, and I am not just talking about your website. You inspire me.
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